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Feeling bookish.

I wonder if I will ever get tired of this.

Series completion: a success, sort of.

I have not quite worked out what kind of magic it was, but I suspect that the powerful benefits of having an almighty preview pass simply cannot be underestimated. The crowd was considerably thinner but no less friendlier; the books cleaner and much less dog-eared. And most importantly, I can skip doing the tango with other enthusiastic book lovers along the narrow aisles.

I still have a few books missing from the Ender series, though...

The books there seemed to be calling out to me as I went through the tables diligently, and in return I silently saluted each and every one of them, like in a military parade. However, this also meant that I very quickly found myself taking on more than I could handle.

The curious thing was that new titles seemed to be unveiled at a fair pace – I had to circle the tables more than once because a new selection of books kept popping up, so much so it left me in doubt as to whether I actually went through a particular table in the first place.

Spontaneous purchases and more.

I think the day has finally come when expensive luggage bags, sturdy baggage trolleys and reusable shopping bags are no longer regarded as strange necessities to be brought along to book warehouse sales. This wolf is certainly bigger and badder, but in a good way – so miss this at your own peril.

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