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Let it happen.

Sometimes it functions well enough, like a well-oiled engine: smooth and steady, reliable and unceasing.

And then there are those embarrassing times when your face turns beetroot red, your words start coming out as one glorious jumble of a mess, and you valiantly rack through your brains to find a common and obvious link that could hopefully bring them all back together with as much coherence as you could muster.

As it turns out, I had gleefully saved the words “flying dog” into my phone just yesterday, possibly with hopes to turn it into another mindbending writing topic; but today, I am struggling to remember what it meant exactly. Was I referring to a canine I saw being unmercifully launched into space, unwittingly gracing the clear blue skies in full flight; or could it be merely a grave and unintentional spelling error on my part?

It took me more than a few minutes to finally figure out what that “flying dog” was supposed to be.

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  1. Flying dog. Seriously? And people say I’m quirky.

    Kheldar | 09/11/12 02:16 AM

  2. Kheldar – It took me a while to remember that I wanted to write about seeing a dog enjoying a car ride. The novelty of that observation is now lost.

    But you’re still quirky. :D

    Strizzt | 13/11/12 10:40 PM

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