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Savouring it.

Savouring it.

Simply amazing.

They still managed to mess up, even without me stepping anywhere near the compound for almost three months now.

Every year, there has to be at least something to complain about the system – be it course registrations, financial matters, and the administrative officers. It is a disease that seems to have plagued everywhere else though, but whether it is contained or not, is another matter altogether.

We would always hope for the best, thinking that they would have at least steered clear from their previous mistakes, and not repeat them. Oddly enough, it never happens, for it is considered seemingly an impossible feat to achieve. The words ‘efficiency’ and ‘competence’ never existed in their vocabulary – for all we know, pages containing the words may have been deliberately ripped off from the dictionary and stuffed down the toilet bowl.

They never learn. But we learn, and learn enough to not place our faith in them.

One thing I still cannot understand is having to pay the university a ridiculous amount of money for a course that, well, does not really exist in the first place. How, and what exactly do you teach the students when they are away in various companies doing their internship? Blatantly vicious money making ingrates.

I joined the traffic crawl back home with much trepidation. I left the workplace later than I should, after sending most of my files to blissful nothingness. There was a slight drizzle, and it did not feel good at all. While I have always ranted and griped about the workplace, the notion of leaving the workplace for good did not really settle in until a good half hour before 5.30pm. I was not exactly sad, but I was not crying for joy either. It was bittersweet.

I felt relieved only after I took off my shoes and plopped myself down onto the couch at home.

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