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Packaged excitement.

Shields is all we have left.

Actually, no – I do not even have a bloody CD player in my car.

But, yes – I still like being able to leisurely pore over colourful cover art, carefully make sense of lengthy liner notes in their scrawly-writing typeface, wistfully sigh at gratuitous pictures of band members furrowing their eyebrows and staring intensely at a non-existent stain on an equally non-existent wall, and shamelessly pump my fist in the air when I know I have got the song lyrics correct.

Or maybe I am just staying true to my Chinese lineage – always preparing to invest and get my full money’s worth on tangible items, instead of keeping them in mere ones and zeroes and ready to be reduced into nothingness come the next digital revolution.

Well, I just wish the CDs still come in their jewel cases, and not the flimsy cardboards that they are now simply slipped into, which could potentially result in a quicker demise under the threat of sun and rain.

Besides, what else can top that euphoric feeling of seeing a well-travelled package patiently waiting for you on your desk when you arrive at work on a dreary Monday morning?

(Mr Berninger, you started this first!)

Double the high violet.

(The once well-loved medium – the CD – turned 30 years old on 1 October 2012.)

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