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All in stride.

You continue to wait, in the hopes that the traffic light in front of you will eventually turn green, while risking the wrath of the other impatient drivers behind you.

But what if the light never changes?

The traffic light was green on an obviously quiet road, while ours maintained an angry red the whole time, with vehicles lined up miles long and counting. I was stuck in the queue for more than five minutes and had not seen our light turn green even once. The line did inch forward, but only when those up front had had enough of waiting and decided to beat the unceasing red light. I suppose even the most patient of us all would have no other choice but to break the rules… hopefully, for just this one time. Or not. Dilemma.

Having been stuck in such queues at two different traffic junctions in the past 24 hours, I am quite convinced that a faulty recalibration of traffic lights can cause the downfall of a nation. It could potentially be a psychological war trained to turn us against ourselves, stalling success and impeding progress.

It is enough to make tempers flare, horns blare, and curious onlookers stop and stare. And that feeling of restlessness at having been momentarily trapped within the confines of your car, or of guilt at having beaten a rare red light, lingers long even after you have reached your destination; the office coffee smells fouler, the usual smiles you receive somewhat duller, the sounds of your chirpy students at school more muffled.

I know it was a journey delayed because I managed to listen to the whole of Boxer at one go. But for others running on a schedule tighter than mine, or rushing to catch a glimpse of the prince and his princess that morning, it could be a simple matter of life and death.

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