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Faltering figures.

A grand total of 1110 entries spread out over a period of a decade, but only a mere 20 posts to show for this year alone so far. That means having to write 32 more in the remaining months, in order to top last year’s average of one piece per week.

This, despite the fact that the dreary monologues, incessant ramblings, casual celestial observations and occasional word diarrhea are fast becoming a thing of the past.

So if we were to go strictly by the numbers, then hell yes – this would indeed qualify as an extremely sorry state of affairs. I do intend to put this to rights, though I am not quite sure exactly how.

And then, like the dying flickers of a malfunctioning lightbulb, there you have it: I have just assigned to myself the ostensibly impossible task of publishing my chronically cryptic and terribly tiresome writings, at least twice a week, for the next 16 weeks.

To be honest, it is all pretty dry up here. For now, I have no choice but to put my high hopes for chances of a revival on a grizzly bear and a band of horses.

(Oh, hello – Matt, Bryce, Aaron, Scott and Bryan. I wonder how everyone else is doing at the moment.)

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