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Spinning off the axis.

Spinning off the axis.

I noted with much disappointment that not all of the CDs have the discount tag on them. On selected music CDs (more like old CDs dating from almost five years back), it is a mere 20% off. The ones I wanted to get, however, had the numbers RM46.90 staring teasingly back at me. The others could not be found on the damned rack. One day, I am going to work my ass off, fly elsewhere, and splurge one month’s pay in a music store where I am positive I will be able to get every CD imaginable. An easy way out, however, is to win a contest that offers you the opportunity to grab as many CDs as you can within one minute, although options may be somewhat limited. (“What’s this – `N Sync?... and another Westlife CD? No!”)

Oh, ‘Music Carnival’, my foot. After all those ‘talks’, have we been given empty promises again? I am still waiting. Not that I am complaining, but I was certainly expecting more. Still, the 20% discount is better than nothing, I suppose.

I was reading my past entries (again, although this time I actually took the trouble of reading them in its entirety instead of skipping and scanning through them like I did in previous ocassions) and was annoyed at, well, how ridiculously happy I sounded back then. I changed too much within these two years. It was a gradual change, however – six months after I started blogging, the words began to take on a more serious note (though not always). And this is not exactly something to shout about. So how do I get high spirited entries back into my life? Include more emoticons? Go out more? Do you think romance would have rubbed off me? Should I get on a swing at the playground? Get a job at the kindergarten? Why do I even bother? I do not really have to, do I?

Alright, I will just leave it at that. Those previous entries do make me laugh, though, out of sheer nonsensicality. They make good reading on a gloomy, uninspired day like today, when I could not seem to get any work done.

I wish I could have thought of it earlier – to sneeze, look up innocently, and say “I’m sorry, I’m allergic to bullshit”, that is – just to tell some people off (I have been getting plenty of that lately). I, Robot was highly enjoyable, but tends to be a bit predictable. Anyhow, it was not too bad – my second favourite Will Smith movie, after Enemy of the State.

No more comparisons with The Matrix, please – it does not work that way.

Bah. I need a haircut. I have not said this for a long time, so you can imagine how unruly my hair is now, sticking out in odd angles and bouncing weirdly.

(“Go out and get one already!”)

On air now: The Dark of the Matinee, Franz Ferdinand

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