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A random observation, a misplaced word, a forgotten errand. One stab in the dark and two guessing games. Three times the norm and up in the air it goes. Lost like whispers in last summer’s wind, only to be found again behind a secret grin.

It could be that we have lost that loving feeling: from being dizzy with glee, thinking you are simply the bee’s knees; to now with a future so bleak, devoid of answers to the questions you shall seek.

One cannot possibly lose both her head and her heart, but here you are: an empty mind constantly in search for the right words, a blank stare duly stripped of all emotions.

And then we collapse like a house of cards, falling deeper and deeper, in complete disregard of all known rules of gravity.

Fact of the matter is, not much has changed. We may think we are older and wiser in a world that can hardly wait for us to stop and smell the roses, but let us face it: there is no way we can escape to our very own Middle Earth, or Krynn, or Faerun, or the Six Duchies, or The Known World. This is the one and only realm that we have and are living in now, unforgotten or not, and it is simply called reality.

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