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It's a strange paradise.

It is always the what-could-have-beens that make you stare unsmilingly into thin air, as you look pensively into a future that is fast becoming a past. There is the lost opportunity to rub shoulders with the rich and famous; the misplaced jottings with a story of your life that may well be the inspiration for the next Hollywood tearjerker; the stolen kisses for a rosy-cheeked girl you never knew you knew.

They are not regrets, but bits and pieces of your life that can never be. We could have the brightest of all mornings, make the most of the magic hour, and paint the most spectacular sunset at this end of the universe – and yet completely and unashamedly falter, crash and burn at the end of it.

This quick tightening of your chest and sudden longing in your heart seems to kill you softly from within. Some songs do that to you: they could either come in a powerful rush of emotions containing just the right amount of melancholia to drown your sorrows, or bestow upon you enough hope and faith to erase all your worries in the world, eventually leaving you to stumble about uncomprehendingly after being led abruptly from dark to light.

And it is the song, and this song in particular, that could turn even the deepest night into a most welcomed morning. You may laugh at the pictures of romantic sandy beaches and spacious seaside dwellings that you can never afford turning up in your Google search, but the fact is, a song as huge and hypnotic as this deserves more attention than you ever will.

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