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Not at nine.

Not at nine.

It plays like a broken record.

The headlines of the daily newspapers are enough to send the jitters down your spine. It is hard to not give a damn about it because – hey, we are living in the same country after all. Somewhere out there, someone with a bloodied knife is on the run. I sit here alone, in front of the computer with my back towards the door, and jump at the slightest sound. Forget about pepper sprays and whistling key chains. Will we only feel safe with the presence of a shiny revolver in our pockets? Heck, it would be a bad idea anyway – what with people whipping out their guns unnecessarily in one swift motion, thus bringing to mind gory scenes from the movies.

What is wrong, so wrong with people these days? All those killings and murders really make you wonder if humanity and compassion still exist. Apparently there are some people out there who are that desperate to commit such heinous crimes, giving not a second glance at this very thing we call life. Could it be that human lives are now worth only a mobile phone and a few hundred ringgit?

It is as though these people have been thrown here suddenly, coming from a different place altogether – some God forsaken hole beneath the ground; a meteorite-ridden planet many light years away in outer space; or from another dark universe altogether. Gone were the days when religion can help steer a man to a good path. You have got to wonder how they ever end up being so indifferent about committing a criminial offence, or thinking that crimes are oh so cool. So yeah, you would say that crimes happen, and everywhere else too. But not to this extent, please.

What could possibly be the root of these problems? How can they not know how to distinguish between right and wrong? Have people become that cruel, heartless, and desperate? Is this what it means to be in the 21st century? If it is, then I sure am not looking forward to it.

In fact, I do not know what is going on with this world of ours. Times like these, you are disillusioned by the way things work – and even more so when you realise that throwing questions to the wind and merely talking about it is not going to help send anyone behind bars.

No one knows the right questions to ask, and the answer ain’t 42 this time.

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