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Pulled away.

These spur-of-the-moment decisions do not come around often.

Sometimes, we have no good reason to, for instance, “rescue” a soft, pebbled leather bag with a four-digit price tag from yet another lonely night locked behind shiny glass windows; or turn down a good ol’ tub of refreshing, tried-and-tested mango shebert in favour of a tiny scoop of gourmet sardine ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon.

It comes swiftly – sowing in you the initial seeds to planning world domination and becoming the ultimate master of the universe and everything – and then makes a quick getaway, so fast so that you find yourself wondering what to do with the neon-lit “Carpe Diem!” sign now seemingly permanently-imprinted onto your open palms.

Truth is, I have never been the globetrotting kind. The mere thought of getting onto a plane makes me hurl, but the idea of a new beginning seems very tempting at the moment. There have been far too many dead ends in the past; perhaps it is now time to shape them into well-ridden paths.

I suppose there is always a first for everything.

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  1. Hola my dear Strizzt, what have you been up to? Have you been ploughing the skies like I have been? I wish you are well and happy.

    Shommie | 11/03/12 08:24 PM

  2. Shommie! Hope all is well with you too. I haven’t been writing much here, but you can always reach me via email or Facebook if need be. :)

    Strizzt | 15/03/12 08:13 PM

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