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It won't let you in.

It won’t let you in.

I have learned to tolerate and complement its negative traits with its existence. I would like to think that I am more patient now, than I was before it all happened. Still, there comes a boiling point where you prefer to not take it anymore, and instead, tackle the problem head-on. Like, right now.

I need a little help, regarding this thing I call The Computer (no, I did not bestow it with a, uhm, manly name).

1) There is a certain technique that I need to adhere to, in order to start it up – or it will choose to emit a long beeping sound and stall halfway.
2) The PS1 and PS2 slots died out; my mouse and keyboard now uses USB.
3) The other 2 USB slots function whenever they feel like it.
4) The graphics card is starting to go wonky; I am greeted with a 640×480 pixels screen area and 16 colours upon entering Windows.

All this, on a one-year-old computer. Does anyone know why things are dying out in that order?

Suggested solutions:
1) Get a new motherboard (if I do that, do I need to reinstall the hardware drivers and risk losing all my files?).
2) Reformat the computer as a last resort.
3) Sit and wait until the sound card and the remaining 2 USB slots to fry out as well, and run around screaming bloody murder.

Any help (be it in the form of advice, or a donation to Strizzt’s New Computer Fund, ahem!) will be very much appreciated.

Nah, really – I just need to know what to do next. With considerably more time in my hands now, I can just flex my non-existent muscles and heave the whole annoying thing to Low Yat. I have been wanting to get it fixed since last year.

On air now: Auf Achse, Franz Ferdinand

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