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Most times, work gets in the way: a warzone made up of the most sophisticated daily obstacles. There are always the latest changes to be consolidated, casual lunch meetings to go to, freezing air conditioning that has every one donning thick jackets as though they are in the North Pole, increasingly longer hours in the office that leave you bleary-eyed by the time you finally stagger back home, and email queries from the most annoying person on the planet to be swiftly responded to before he or she miraculously turns up at your desk demanding for answers.

Other times, we go about our lives on autopilot: suddenly waking up and finding ourselves mysteriously teleported from point A to point B without knowing why, when and how exactly. You forget about the glasses perched at the top of your head, finally found your car keys after cleanly emptying your bag’s contents, sent an email addressed to the wrong person, put two tablespoons of salt instead of sugar into your morning wake-up cup of coffee, and walk straight into glass doors and crack your kneecaps thrice.

These days, I am happy when I get to successfully tell a pair of identical twins apart, diligently listen to my favourite albums from start to finish, freely drive through traffic with green lights all the way, breezily jump in and out of waiting elevators, and simply earn even a minute’s respite off the harsh reality that I am in.

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