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No sudden moves.

Two weeks to take it all in: the million what-ifs in your head, the many words that were left unsaid. We were so close and yet so far away; perhaps I should have said more to keep you always in my circle of truth, but then you would have to come bearing words that would leave you always on the move.

You could think of yourself as absolute ace, but know that there will always be someone else who does it all better: one with a smile a dozen times more dazzling than yours; has actually experienced a full course meal at the restaurant at the end of the universe; may or may not have flown to all four corners of the earth to hold the edges together just that one time; and possesses the ability to solve a rubik’s cube under a tenth of a second faster than any other living creature on this planet.

After a while, even the best fantasies and sweetest dreams can be swallowed up whole by the driest deserts of our minds.

And now, we are almost back to square one. But for what it is worth – it was truly one of the best nights of my life, and no one else can lay claim to that honour except you.

Hey, are you awake?

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