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Wasted miles.

Fly a kite, skip a stone, dot an i, steal a line. Build a home, grow a rose, toss a coin, and stay awhile.

We must have gone astray, somewhere, somehow: perhaps we have been reading similar books behind varied covers; wearing matching socks but in mismatched colours; singing the same songs to a different tune; and reaching for opposite ends of a tug o’ war rope.

We have crossed paths and yet not see each other. The threads hardly intertwine, but they say that all we need is time.

So if we could sit here together on just one out of the many brightly-lit nights, as we watch the stars above live out their lights – we could make it a first to remember, possibly one that would change our lives forever.

I must confess that I am still learning to disappear completely, though I wish you could be the best thing about me.

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