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Of course it had to happen. Again.

In my never-ending quest to get (and insist on) books with matching cover artwork and sizes – which now takes utmost precedence above every other weird bookish requirement that I have, it seems – I had inadvertently ended up, once again, with two copies of the same book. (I swear, the Ender series could well one day be the most “expensive” series of books I have ever bought.)

Series completion, not.

I suspect the earnest hunt to complete a book series via book warehouse sales is slowly muddling my brain. Try standing in the middle of a pillarless hall, surrounded by mountains of books being sold at ridiculously low prices, and I assure you that your logical reasoning and rationale thinking skills will be put to the test.

While the selection of books this time around was not as good as the previous years’, that hardly stopped me from grabbing more. I fell into the they-are-cheap-so-why-not line of thought, easily losing the debate and sheepishly succumbing to temptation every step of the way.

We reap what we sow.

Obsession, not – but I will have to learn to live with my Artemis Fowl, Ender and Soldier Son series being no longer perfect, and no more coming in matching cover artwork and sizes. How do I even begin to properly arrange them in my bookshelf?! Dilemma.

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