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Forging for the future.

Forging for the future.

I watched on in wonder as the water gushed out of the showerhead. Something we see everyday, unless you suffer from hydrophobia and only take a good long bath once every two months – or that you have a thing for those cute little blue buckets with a plastic handle.

Relive it, and the memories will keep rushing back to you – like a gentle spray of water caressing your face that will still be able to jolt you all the same.

I kept thinking about being stuck in a time warp, though. Having to go through the very same ritual and routine for a day, over and over again. The waiter trips over a lone piece of steak on the floor, inadvertently sending the grilled chicken from his tray flying right towards you at exactly 2029 hours, with mashed potatoes, parsley and all – while you casually dodge it as though it were nothing more than a white feather floating in the air. You know the boss will rain fiery insults at you, so you choose to not go to work and instead, hang out at Starbucks looking at the very same petite girl that made you choke on your iced frappuccino when you laid your eyes on her for the first time.. some time ago.

At night, you drop heavily like a pile of bricks onto your bed fully knowing that it has been yet another long day that, ironically, never seems to come to an end.

What if no one else knows about the time warp – not even you? We cannot always be that person who always will save the day.

Yesterday is a distant past, yet tomorrow never comes.

This is so Groundhog Day, but how many of us would want to be in Phil Connors’ shoes?

Weave your ‘powers’, set up a stall by the roadside to tell the fortune of the day for others, be a superhero.

Ultimately, the day will then be what you make of it. So that leaves us lesser mortals to go about our day, oblivious…

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