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True colours.

At times, this feels like living the life of an undercover agent.

You tell too little of yourself, and you risk getting labeled and hauled up for the darndest things – from being described as a quiet do-no-gooder, to being arrested for exhibiting axe murderer tendencies. The lovely lemon meringue pie that had you slaving in the kitchen for the past three hours could be meticulously poked and tested for potential signs of poison before being declared safe for public consumption.

And yet, when you give away too much of yourself, you could be putting everything you once held dear on the line – from wasting the wonders of relative anonymity, to losing the hard-earned rights of your privacy. Buying a movie ticket is stripped of the simplicity once attached to it, for it could now come under much unwanted scrutiny and provoke irrelevant questions that are perhaps answerable by a stab-in-the-dark hypothesis or after years of painstaking research.

It takes extreme caution to tread between these shades of grey; this is one delicate exercise indeed, and you end up getting either silver bullets or colourful secrets out of it.

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