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On the table.

On the table.

The first few minutes into I, Robot had my mind screaming, “Product placement!”.

Technology progresses at a rate so quickly, that we are often left behind and gasping for breath, attempting to catch up (usually in vain). Things come and go at such a speed that makes you feel as though you were standing still while everything flies by swiftly. Every single day, new ideas are being introduced; odd proposals are put into motion.

Female celebrities with their darkly coloured lips, striking sulky poses. Sportspeople holding up their preferred energy drink, the other hand giving it a thumbs up. Broadcast journalists flashing dazzling smiles; pearly white teeth aligned to perfection.

The next thing we know, bloggers begin putting up advertisements and billboards on their websites. Not that it is a bad thing really; after all, it doubles up as extra income that, without a doubt, goes to maintaining their personal space on the Internet. The ads are usually configured and chosen based on the bloggers’ interest and hobbies – so it will make it somewhat, hmm, relevant.

The other day I was deep in conversation with a friend (regarding the art of making a good cup of Milo, nonetheless) when I suddenly stopped short because I had unintentionally uttered the phrase, “There is no spoon.” I found it thoroughly amusing (yeah, yeah – I know some of you may be thinking otherwise).

Let us see. Raise your hand, whoever thinks of the Matrix automatically thinks of Strizzt.

How would it be, if one day, bloggers are able to officially endorse certain products and merchandise? Already I can imagine some of the local bloggers having these words on the sidebar: “This blog is proudly sponsored by The-Company-That-Can-Be-Named-Anytime-Anywhere”, or “I use the Filyne Optical Five-Button Mouse for my blogging needs, so go get one for yourself today, too!” What will be on the table, but cameras, aromatherapy oils, mobile phones, and, quite possibly – Spongebob Squarepants. And not only confined to the digital realm as well – next up will include pictures of them on the local newspapers, magazines, and the idiot box.

(Like, hey, I’m lovin’ it too; just do it because you’re worth it.)

Ah, another mindlessly vain entry.

Which reminds me: will the Matrix trilogy be shown in the first, yet-to-be-opened IMAX theatre in the country?

On air now: Love and Death, The Stills

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