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Post-mix lemonade.

There can only be one reason why this is here today: and that is, I simply cannot (and will not be able to) live with the fact that there would only be one miserable entry accounted for, for the whole of July 2011.

But honestly, a degree of normalcy is all I yearn for – and more often than not, what I get in return is anything but.

I would have loved to be awakened by the melodious trills of birds that proudly puff up their little chests and issue singing challenges to one another on cool Saturday mornings; instead, I now wake up to creaking floorboards and slamming doors, surrounded by dull and unfamiliar cream-coloured walls not of my choice.

I would have loved to continue dreaming up possible apparitions for the many fluffy white clouds that come on during hot, sunny afternoons at work; instead, I am now reduced to staring at unflattering reflections of myself on these gigantic floor-to-ceiling windows.

I would have loved to just draw a line there and then; instead, I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with an unassuming rock star, every single day.

To sum it all up: it has been a crazy month, yes.

And of course, I can get quite pathetic in my attempts to come up with (un)memorable one-liners. Full stop. Which, on hindsight, probably sounds better than being labeled cynical or sarcastic. I get called that all the time, so I should probably rise to the occasion and start treating them as compliments instead.

Well. This makes two, now. I should be able to sleep much better tonight; still, I cannot help but wonder if I can jack the count up to three tomorrow…

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