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Way off the line.

I listened to them that day and felt as though I had been knifed in the gut. Twice. Like the ultimate betrayal of a long-drawn romance, gone may be the chance for that one last dance. I wished they could explain everything to the geeks, though I know well it may not be the answer that every one of us seeks.

Then with a finger to the lips and a twinkle in the eye, this came unbidden: ordinary musical chords that miraculously transform into arresting tunes of magical awe and wonder, brightly shining like a lone beacon in a moment of darkness and gently rippling the air at this time of stillness; with two individual voices that blissfully blend to pure perfection, paired by deceptively simple lyrics that could either work its charms into your heart so smoothly, or hit you like a brick wall incomprehensibly.

I melted. I died a little inside. I must have died a bit more now that I have looped it all the more.

This is fast shaping up to become one of their best efforts ever – it is such a breathtakingly gorgeous composition that effortlessly tugs at the heartstrings with such unrestrained poignancy, so much so that it reveals our most inner desires, cradles all our dearest hopes and reminds us of our deepest regrets. It leaves you reeling from a pounding heartache, the sorry aftermath of a night of fiery passion near gone to waste.

Given the recent circumstances, the new song easily moved me to tears. I too wish I could wait it out, but I do not think I can hold on for long.

You have done it again, Mr Berninger.

I’ll try, but I couldn’t be better.

Oh, damn. This hurts so good.

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