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One of the things that freaks me out includes this: when people actually type in the words ‘strizzt’ and ‘rantglass’ as keywords in search engines, landing them here. It makes me feel as though I have been made a prime target for odd experiments and missions – something like ‘The Return of the Long-Winding Bloggers’ or ‘Experiment #2406: Uncategorised Anonymousness’.

Something came about as I was thinking of ‘suitable’ gifts for baby Ian, and it partly stemmed from Shom’s comments on the previous entry.

Undoubtedly, the things that you give children will greatly influence and develop their interests in the years to come. They are still too green, carefree, and innocent. Whatever information we fed them would be deemed The Truth, and nothing else matters. The thought of getting bombarded with lies may have never occured to them – which is why when we were younger, we were told of various superstitions that could make you drop whatever you were not supposed to do, and look up to the adult in bewilderment, with those big, round eyes.

What if I were to buy Ian some Hot Wheels, and he ends up writing ‘racecar driver’ under the category ‘Preferred Occupation’ in primary school – or ‘archaeologist’, when I get him those 3D dinosaur puzzles? Not that I am saying both professions are bad, but most parents do prefer to have their children list down considerably nobler professions – like doctors or teachers, do they not? Some of you may say, “Oh, but he’s just a toddler for now,” but I guess the nature of growing up, is to absorb things that come your way and determine if you could accept and like them all. If you do, then it would undeniably pave a permanent path, and leave you wanting more. There will always be the little rejections, however, like how some of us prefer to steer clear away from Barney (and not wanting our kids – ahem, if any – to fall prey to the purple dinosaur!).

In short, our gifts to them will play a part in moulding their future (and initial) hobbies and interests. Maybe that is how the term ‘a chip off the old block’ stands true, sometimes.

I grew up having Garfield mugs and t-shirts, and I am still excited about the movie, however bad the reviews may be.

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