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Preparing for the inevitability is not just a gearing up for a war within your mind. You can put up mile-high walls and dig up trenches of gold, conjure images of tiny sparkling butterflies and cute playful kittens, and sing out loud to drown out your worries and sorrows; but there are still things that no one can escape from.

We do realise, of course, that there is no fountain of youth or potion of immortality to be found in any four corners of the earth – death is something that cannot be avoided, and it could happen without rhyme or reason, to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Still, knowing that fact hardly makes it any easier to go through, and especially so when it involves someone you know: be it a long-time buddy whose jokes could easily bring a cheery smile to your face on a cold rainy day, or simply a mere acquaintance you had occasionally exchanged shy smiles with at the office pantry.

It hits you like a cold splash of water to your face, instantly sobering you up from the dreary drunkenness of your everyday routine. It is a wake-up call unlike any other – one that keeps ringing in your ears for days as you painfully pick up the pieces and watch the world go by in slow motion.

Life may be a battle that we will eventually lose in the end, but let us not bow out of this journey without a fight. The memories that remain can last a lifetime, and that in itself is a winning assurance that you will never be forgotten.

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