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Closer in time.

The intricate complexities and undriven simplicities of love lost and found do not recognise the ticking hands of time. Absolute strangers can become torn lovers under the most unusual circumstances, be it from exchanging a shy knowing glance across a busy street, engaging in a war of words at an aquarium, and even stumbling upon each other serendipitously at a most unconventional meeting spot that transcends boundaries, including ones that defy the very meaning of parallel universes and making minced meat out of the time-space continuum.

We may see a pair of lovers pushed to the brink, and witness the trials and tribulations of another as they weather through the odds to have a normal working relationship. How exactly does one define the word “normal” in this day and age, no one knows. Must the man not be a confused time-traveller who worries about not getting past age 40 and confronting the shortcomings of his own mortality? Does she have to be an honest-to-goodness, stay-at-home mother constantly agonising over piling laundry and what to cook for tonight’s dinner? So what if he writes obituaries and lives in a modest one-room apartment? Would it matter if she did not keep her name a secret from the man she had spent four years in a relationship with?

A secret rendezvous, a flash of a smile. We are always someone else to someone else, looking over our heads and sitting on others’ shoulders, in our attempts to achieve the normalcy desired by many. And yet at the same time, we do lead lives extraordinary enough to be referred to by many as merely normal – and we do not need to resort to being a failed writer, plain-Jane stripper, world-weary photographer or loveless dermatologist to be this way.

Perhaps there just is not enough superlatives to make the world go round.

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