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It seems that I was pretty productive at the workfront, but lagging horribly in this particular online department. I suppose ten years is a long enough time to make you forget what this first meant to anyone. There are things that you cannot easily let go of: like the shiny fragments of a forgotten lyric, you simply cannot stop singing even if it is with the wrong words – you would want to up the momentum and keep it going, never mind the piercing stares and clucking sounds sent your way.

So the past two weeks were very much like any other, despite the string of holidays in between. I find that I have still not become adept at fending off those questions, though I am becoming increasingly inclined towards the idea of running away to greener pastures and warming up to having random sheep as accidental companions.

On the eve, the skies sprang a surprise; it took a completely different turn after weeks of drowning rain and raging floods, thus assuring us of a truly Chinese New Year weather – there were sunny blue skies overhead, a golden sun swelling with pride, and now, bloodthirsty insects out with a vengeance. (I make no apologies: today I almost dozed off while watching that second movie that had their brand of vampires sparkling comically in the sun.)

One month to go, now. Gosh.

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