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Full on a half day.

It has been more than an hour, but I still feel hard-pressed to pick, say, three favourite movies off this year’s list (see also lists for 2008 and 2009). As is the norm, the bulk of the movies watched were via satellite TV, as I continue to maintain a super record of being the only person I know who has been to the cinema this year for a grand total of only one time. Hah.

Bill Pullman, Rick Moranis // Mel Brooks

Dark Helmet: Did you see anything?
Colonel Sandurz: No, sir! I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again.

By itself, the above dialogue may only succeed in raising an eyebrow; but that particular scene – just as Colonel Sandurz walked in on Dark Helmet playing with his dolls – just has to be seen to be believed and laughed out loud at.

Spaceballs amused me at so many levels, I do not even know where to begin. The slapstick humour, witty comebacks, crazy shenanigans and funny spoofs in this 1987 movie were all brilliantly executed by both cast and crew (as evident in some of the scenes involving the grip and cameraman). There was an abundance of obvious references to Star Wars and a handful of other movies, but they were all tastefully done and unlikely to raise the ire of die-hard fans of those movies being parodied (unlike the lame and downright crass ones done at this modern day and age).

It can be brainless entertainment, really (how can it not, when there are things such as the “virgin alarm”?), but Spaceballs has proven to be a timeless classic. May the schwartz be with you, indeed.

Also popcorn-worthy:
Gran Torino
How to Train Your Dragon
Marley and Me
Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
The Young Victoria
… more

Also, I have continued to play catch up with my favourite TV shows via the internet during the weekends. Sadly, a few of them drew to a close this year; there were the fitting finales to propel some to a triumphant finish (24 (season 8), Lost (season 6)), but some were simply given the premature axe and destined to fade away into oblivion (Flashforward, Legend of the Seeker). Thankfully, there are those that will continue to keep us at the edge of our seats and make us shed both tears of joy and sadness with them (Fringe (season 3), Glee (season 2), Modern Family (season 2)). I also took to rekindling my interest in Arrested Development (season 1), though to varying degrees of success.

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  1. Mawg. Pizza the Hutt. Dot Matrix.

    Man i love that show. lemme see if i can find it in my collection and watch it again…

    simon | 02/01/11 09:51 PM

  2. Simon – Heh, yes – there were plenty of repeats on Astro a few months ago, and it left me in stitches every single time. Spaceballs is such a fun movie, whee!

    Strizzt | 03/01/11 09:47 PM

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