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Cheap thrills.

Cheap thrills.

So I have been caught up in, amazingly, both work and play.

I find the news about five robbers killed while making their getaway somewhat depressing. It certainly garnered enough attention to serve as headlines for the newspapers. Attempting to make a clean escape with a small car like the Kelisa made for mild amusement as well.

Still, you would have to wonder if other ‘people’ out there would better deserve that. I could think of rapists who betray the trust of their own kith and kin; cold-hearted murderers that calmly execute and leave a trail of carnage behind; terrorists who dragged hundreds of innocents to death with them for a dubious cause.

Did they really deserve it, or was it just a really, really bad day for the five robbers – that also incidently turned out to be their last? Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong for them.

What if you were browsing in the jewellery shop, or scrutinising the pair of pearl earrings you meant to give to your loved one, when, upon noticing some movement, you looked up only to feel the glisteningly cold steel of a revolver uncomfortably placed against your neck?

The first thing in your mind could be to scream your head off and run off to the opposite direction, or to instinctively pushed it away in one swift motion, do a somersault and kick the robber in the head. But then you failed to notice the other three men in ski masks hovering menacingly behind you…

I think it is because I do go to the said shopping centre for groceries and such, on an almost weekly basis. I do not know how it would have turned out if I had been there – caught in the crossfire, excitement, adventure, anxiety and all.

That said and done, I do give the policemen credit for protecting and ridding the nation of criminals. The sad thing is that there could still be a lot of them out there, living a luxurious and lavish life operating on misdeeds and crime.

The Village was not too bad; I was somehow jolted twice – unnecessarily though, by two ‘scary’ scenes – and even more so when accompanied with the relevant booming sound effects. I was not the only one, but I think most people laughed uneasily after they jumped in their seats. One thing I liked was the director’s cameo which came across a tad bit ironic for me.

Any news about the Matrix 10-disc boxed set could almost send me flying to the moon (well, I could not afford a rocket). Still, it is awesome.

On air now: Handshake Drugs, Wilco

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