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Just looking.

Fingertips dance delicately on the rims of this wine glass, capturing the flickering light that plays around it like fleeing sand to running tide. The air is electric, pulsing with a type of magic that is simply difficult to replicate.

Tonight we become intimate.

It is as though we are trying to fully savour this in slow motion; as time comes to a lingering pause, reality intertwines with the ghost of our minds, details become as minute as dust of all kinds, and everything becomes nothing and everything again.

Then a subtle touch, oh so tender. But. Completely blown away. Words cannot express. Vocabulary gone haywire. Insides all tangled up. Fell hard. Hook, line and sinker.

If this is what summer feels like, then bring it on. Bring it on, and I shall embrace it like never before.

You don’t know the way I feel about you.

The song was originally released over a decade ago, while the brilliant remake by one of my new favourite bands is now seven years old.

Yesterday, it took me only less than a minute to fall hopelessly, and absolutely head over heels, in love with it.

So, yeah. I do not know where have I been all this while. Sigh.

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