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Spontaneous combustion.

“This transaction cannot be processed.”

Those words kept returning to my screen, taunting me for the umpteenth time. Groan. This cannot be happening. Not on an important day like this!

After over an hour of pointless clicking, impatient drumming of fingers and reckless cursing of unknown deities, the system started routinely releasing and assigning me seats at the back of the hall and even further from the stage due to the unsuccessful transaction(s) – but without confirmation of the purchase of even one ticket.

Panic began to set in, and I started wreaking havoc at the workplace in all ways possible: my footfalls became thundering staccatos and one with the gloomy morning; my brow so furrowed that others voluntarily jumped out of my path, their eyes quickly darting away with the intention of avoiding all necessary visual contact.

Then came a sudden lightbulb moment, which next saw me getting off from work at midday (“Er, boss, I have an urgent errand to run…”) and driving like a maniac down to the city to secure the all-important ticket. But not without having to go through the drama of getting a decent parking spot after circling the parking area dozens of times; attempting to locate the elusive ticketing agent’s office; and then, with the ticketing officer, trying to figure out how to purchase a ticket after the booking page miraculously disappeared from right under our noses.

But in the end, I got what I wanted. I think.

So. Buying tickets online? After a previously almost futile (and amusing) attempt from five years ago, and today’s harrowing episode, I say: NEVER AGAIN. (And also because the online ticketing booking system is a sneak and does not bother at all to assign to you the “best” seats despite them being available.)

Sigh. Guys, look what have you done to me again?!

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  1. funny. i had no problems whatsoever. got my seats on the first try. haha.

    eyeris | 10/12/10 11:02 AM

  2. Eyeris – Sigh, good for you! Nightmarish episode isn’t yet over for me – can’t elaborate here but apparently my credit card was charged for the failed transactions anyway.


    Strizzt | 10/12/10 08:40 PM

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