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All the wine.

This is epic ace!

The Most Awesome News I have heard this month is soon going to become The Most Awesome Event to happen next year.

Bloody hell, I cannot wait. That potential gig I wrote about five days ago is going to come into fruition after all, and I did not even have to resort to picking apples, making pies or putting something in our lemonades to make it happen, my skills in the kitchen be damned. However, I do have my suspicions, and that one particular email may or may not have played a role in all this – but then again, it could all really be just a damnably convenient coincidence.

No concert kaki as usual, but what the heck. I am as pleased as punch, and nothing will wipe that silly grin off my face for the next few days.

Guys, I will see you in that island state in March 2011, as promised. I NEED FRONT ROW TICKETS!

(crickets chirping)

The National, at the Mosaic Music Festival 2011
Date: Tuesday 15 March 2011, 8:00pm
Venue: Esplanade Theatre, Singapore

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  1. I’ll be there! WOOT!

    eyeris | 07/12/10 05:20 PM

  2. Eyeris – I hope SISTIC’s ticketing system will be kind enough to give me good seats this time around, argh!

    Strizzt | 07/12/10 05:45 PM

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