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Some of us simply have all the luck: be it by netting the top prizes in lucky draws come every annual company dinner, witnessing how the lights happily turn green for you when running late to an important meeting, or having the skies above clearing up in time for a spectacular beach wedding.

A random game of chance, served with a feel-good dice of instant happiness and a hale and hearty slice of life, may be entirely out of your control. Scoring right and on the first try can mean so much more than the hungry birth of yet another juicy gossip at the workplace, or a sweet victory at a friendly tennis match of relatively minimal significance.

Then there are some of us who get lucky in the plainest sense: such as discovering a gem of an exciting new band and finding that you can sooooo relate and then proceeding to devote yourself – wholly and unabashedly – to their brand of music, permanently giving them regular airtime on your CD player and quoting their lyrics in your everyday conversation with unsuspecting people.

It turns out that sometimes the most trivial things are the ones that have the power to change your life completely. Perhaps the long-term effects are the ones that we should truly be aiming for, rather than those that may be gone with the wisp of a wind.

And with that, I am going to shut up and not protest at having gone home empty-handed (may I add, again!) for the lucky draw at this year’s dinner.

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