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So. Word now has it that the band will play a show across the causeway. This piece of news is hardly surprising – like, where else in this region can one go to? That country has been consistently earning top marks when it comes to drawing such attractions, be they comfortable tour regulars or starry-eyed newcomers in the music industry.

In any case, that band will be delighted to know that for this particular music lover, saying no is not going to be an option.

The first big question is, of course, this: when, exactly, will it be taking place (if at all)? There is the whole shebang that needs doing – that is, to book tickets, warn everyone of my impending absence disappearance, start an annoying “I really, really, really need to go for this” mantra without relying on The Secret, sell my soul to the bank…

The second question would be: is there anyone I can go with? Every time I say hello, a dull echo hits me in return. It is already bad enough that I hang out with the wrong crowd, but just the thought of being at a music festival for half a day all by myself is as mental as sending me straight to xeno republic. I can but only hope for an intimate, one-night-only show at a famed concert hall, with quality acoustics and seats within decent distance from the stage, for a failproof night to remember.

So you see: at this point, I am unable to convince myself that I am really just another ordinary fan. Guys, look what have you done to me?

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