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When she explodes.

When she explodes.

I hate it when people take advantage of youngsters who are still studying and not able to fully make a living for themselves yet.

I hate it when people take me for granted.

Most possibly it goes, “Oh, she’s only a student! We have real adult work to do around here than to take time off to handle her,” and it seems that any form of respect then flies out of the window.

I feel shortchanged. I feel stupid for believing them. I should have learned enough to continue accepting empty promises. I knew the boss was being too nice – I should have seen it coming. Damn it.

Once you invoke the wrath of Strizzt, there will be hell to pay. I will make sure that you get what you give. The project has to be launched next week? Fine, I will get it done – soon. Sometime within the next two months. Indefinitely. Sorrylah – I, too, am busy – I have to learn to play the guitar, finish up Emperor, read my newly-bought books, and prepare for my final year project.

Still, there was the beacon of light who I ranted my problems and insecurities to, and who took me out to lunch while I was at the office for two days – thank you. :) When I come out to the real working world, I will make sure that Ian gets some pretty cool stuff to play with – I mean it.

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