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Binary acts.

Back then, curiosity had won and made me sign up for an account.

Three years later, with a movie and all – well, by the looks of it now, perhaps it would seem more appropriate to have mine christened “Workbook” instead.

Somehow, more than half of the number of people in my list are currently made up of people from the workplace. Known only by name, some having come and gone, we can be mistaken for strangers at another place, at another time.

Our quick “hi”s and “bye”s are but some of our everyday lives’ social reflexes; our wandering gazes and forced smiles, a sort of an automated response made not with calculated precision, but from a mere compliance to the common standards we have set for ourselves today.

And yet at the far end of the spectrum, in a virtual world of our own making, there is a handful in my list whom I have not even met in real life. Really, leading two lives is not as difficult as it sounds.

Then there are the ones to whom I have become a dictionary, telephone directory or substitute to a search engine. Bloody hell.

A fresh new start is a temptation that I am resisting at the moment. Sink or swim, hunt or be hunted; it must be one or the other, and never together.

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