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This year has been a very, very poor reading year for me. I have, to date, read such a miserable number of books in 2010, I suspect I have more chance at striking rich at the lottery than at upping my reading efforts for the remainder of the year.

However, that failed to stop me from adding to my valuable stash of unread books, which is steadily piling up mountain high at the far corner of my room.

Concerning one particular dark elf. Sort of.

So. The Big Bad Wolf returns to prowl our streets, but its appearance is highly timely and welcome. I instantly grabbed a box to keep any potential purchases, right at the entrance to the sales – in the past, I had had to resort to doing juggling tricks with books of all shapes and sizes while trawling the sales premises, before grudgingly admitting to defeat and deciding to instead hunt for a box to hold the reading material in the midst of a busy crowd and dusty excitement.

The aisles may still be as narrow as ever, as evident from the number of times I kept getting poked left, right and center from others’ boxes of books, stray elbows and shiny handbags – but at least there is still a decent amount of space left for comfortable browsing and navigation, which is certainly a leap of improvement from the harrowing experience I had from the previous year’s sales (and most importantly, no bloody queues!).

More fruits of labour.

The selection of books available is also better than the last, and for lovers of the sci-fi/fantasy genre, this is definitely a good place to start on building up or locating that one elusive book to add to your already existing collection (or, if you are anal like me, insisting on buying books from the same series with matching covers) – such as the Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) and Sword of Truth (Terry Goodkind) series, and RA Salvatore’s Forgotten Realms books (particularly those relating to that particular rogue dark elf).

I was so enamoured by this time’s sales that I eventually ended up buying a book that I had already purchased at a previous outing (a common enough mistake it seems – my brother has done this twice, hah!). It is at these times that I wished I had a phone that can surf on to Rantglass so that I can at least, uhm, check my past purchases. So. Is anyone willing to help offload an extra copy of Orson Scott Card’s Shadow Puppets…?

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