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It certainly is easy to lose ourselves these days – in this everyday rat race of madness and greed, thrives a green plant that needs no seed.

But sometimes, all it takes is just a quick glimpse up to the heavens above every once in a while, to fondly reminisce the same brilliant blue skies that we used to have, back when we had our noses buried deep behind those thick bound books filled with strings of mispronounced scientific jargons and knotty meaningless numbers we cared not for; when we marvelled at the centuries-old tree freely shedding its withered palm-size wide leaves that doubled as natural feathered cushions; when we sang along loudly and unabashedly to the chosen, or now fallen, idolised superstar of our yesteryears.

Like the fleeting sweetness of an irresistible kiss that easily overwhelms the enduring bitterness of a grudge borne for 15 years, we live our lives always on the fast lane, forgetting everything and yet not forgiving anything.

Mind the gap and stick to the rules, and still we hit our heads at the exit. It may not always work out the way we want it to, with life’s many taunts and teases ushering us to the depth of our dreams, but at least it need not turn into a nightmare that none of us can wake up from.

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