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The balance.

The balance.

At long last.

Never thought I would be able to cross out this item anytime soon, but it is finally here. Not quite a ‘freakin’ guitar’, but it would do anyway. Now, to learn to play some Kings of Convenience… that is, if I can even make head or tail out of the tablature and chords.

This happened a while back: I was having lunch with a colleague from work. Our conversation eventually took a turn to the hot topic of the moment – locally produced reality shows. Of course, we have been constantly bombarded with these… rather entertaining shows that seemed to have sprouted up like mushrooms overnight, with some attention-grabbing contestants and equally interesting judges to boot. Most of us would have turned into couch potatoes, fingers becoming increasingly nimble on the numberpad of our cellphones, instantly churning out votes in support of our favourite contestants.

“You know what?”
“What?” I asked, straining to hear over the noise of clanking eating utensils and the ever-growing lunch crowd in the cafeteria.
“I think he would make a good match for you,” she grinned.
“Huh? No way!” I brushed off her observation, amused. That statement of hers came right out of the blue.
“Aww, why not? You’re both quiet and nice!” She was beginning to look like a Cheshire Cat that eats nasi goreng cina. Without whiskers.
“That does not mean we would get along well together,” I countered.

‘He’ was no one we know personally, but he was one of the contestants of a local reality show, and yes – he did appear quiet and nice even on television. However, to have made the decision of participating in the show and being in the limelight could mean that, well, he was not as ‘quiet’ as he had made himself to be.

But enough of that.

I have always thought that there should be a yin to a yang; a Neo to a Smith; a positive to a negative. Perhaps then, sparks would truly fly. How else could someone have coined the term ‘opposites attract’?

Then again, perhaps being on opposite sides of the coin could not sustain the relationship. What could there be possibly to talk about that would be of interest to both parties, then? And especially so when you put two quiet and reserved individuals together.

How can anyone be made for each other?

I have not voted for anyone, yet.

On air now: Don’t Know Where We’re Going, Gomez

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