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Empty space.

That turned out a little crazy, after all. I think I am now right in the head and a little weak in the knees – but still unsure about my heart, which seems intent on wrestling control and dictating my words at this very instance: “Mayday, mayday. This ship is running out of control. This is not quite code red yet – mind you, I’m the captain here, aye – but these little fiddly things are, rather annoyingly, wreaking emotional havoc and leaving behind a lengthy trail of crumb-sized bits of the sweetest joys and the most tender of affections, in a bid to entice a lost soul at least twice and – hello, what’s this? A big blue elephant appeared suddenly out of the blue (but of course), with a foul-mouthed green leprechaun rattling away words that flow like the Niagara Falls and sting like a mad bee and—

So. Nothing could be right, even when it is not entirely wrong. Lost in a state of absolute being, like a lone stray dart on an empty board, logic can both break and unbreak your heart. So it has been for many years past, and so it shall continue.

In the meantime, perhaps I just might feel happier if someone buys me an ice cream. One that comes in a cone, preferably; for with my sloppiness, one on a stick would greet the floor faster than you could sing the first line to the Paddle Pop song.

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