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Dear 阿哲,

It has been a very, very long time, but I see that you have been keeping relatively well. (I think.) I have hardly heard from you for a decade or so.

(十年是一个很长的时间, 能带来很多的改变.)

Yes, yes – I admit that this is all my fault, really: see, I finished my Mandarin classes of six years circa 1998, to much relief – after all, I would not have to study those darned pinyins anymore or draw imaginary strokes in the air to properly look up words in a Mandarin-English dictionary and…

Okay, fine, so those were mere excuses – but I have to give you this: you were a good Mandarin teacher. I came up tops in class during my final year. Teehee. (是真的!) Obviously, you have just given me yet another opportunity to practise my rusty Mandarin skills…

Jeff Chang: Happiness Choice World Tour 2010 - Genting Highlands, Malaysia - 2 October 2010.

Reunions always make bittersweet affairs. Some things are really meant to be left as they are, untouched, to remain as pure and true as the glow of the night to a warm summer’s day. There too are times when we are but a mere speck of dust in a limitless universe, governed by the powers that be towards a faithless destiny, going through uncharted waters and mapless highlands.

Ignorance could be bliss. But then came that Saturday, and I knew that in spite of all the musical education I have had all these years – with or without you – I have always believed in you, and in us. (从开始到现在, 到下一个永远.)

Wishing you the best of love always,
Strizzt, 歌迷

Jeff Chang’s “Happiness Choice World Tour 2010” was held in Genting Highlands, Malaysia on 2 October 2010.

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