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Curtains to close.

Curtains to close.

“Hey, you didn’t tell me you left!”

Somehow, it was really nice to get that SMS, and after all that hassle of trying to get hold of my cellphone number. I thought he had forgotten about the girl who had wandered somewhat aimlessly around the workplace with a few of her colleagues after lunch, and was promptly stopped, probably out of fear that we were young, inquisitive tourists taking a never-ending tour of the studios, after which we would proceed to go for world domination by conquering the airwaves and satellites.

Let us face it: giving a damn about a girl of twenty-something who would probably have forgotten who you were, is not exactly on every busy manager’s agenda.

I remember him still, for he had generously dug up some of the company lanyards to go with our employee tags when he noticed that my colleagues and I did not have any on us. Thus began a mini series of emails between him and I.

I was there, so I might as well keep some of the good ol’ memories with me.

I have seen some of our local graphic designers walking around the workplace, and suppressed the urge to call them out loud and tell them how much I love their websites.

I saw a few familiar faces that have graced our television sets, and those that have had their voices keeping us company on the radio.

I had peeked and peered into the studios, just to see what was going on and off behind the scenes.

I had watched on in wonder as the local sportspeople stepped in, and tried in vain to make out who they were, recognizing only the badminton team.

And while I was there, I have had the opportunity to get to know other fellow bloggers, and have them in turn somehow guessing who I am, as well. I can still remember how freaked out I was when I was confronted with The Question; I did not know how to lie very well. (Hello, you two.)

I still hate the tag detectors at the guard house, because it is a task for an inexperienced driver like me to maneuver the car into position.

Despite the complaints and harsh criticisms that I have made about the workplace, I think it has been a valuable opportunity, and a fairly wonderful experience, after all.

Some time ago, I stepped back into the workplace to tie up some loose ends for my internship report, and was loudly greeted by the boss himself. The place was strangely empty, although not exactly mind-boggling to say the least. People go in and out all the time. A fellow colleague has now ‘taken over’ my cubicle, proudly proclaiming the place as his. I got a hug from another. I spied two people hardly budging from under the covers at the back, while another had his headphones on, feigning ignorance.

Oh well. Some things just do not change.

I shall move on, just like how everyone does. That chapter of my life may have ended, but another has just begun.

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