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Still no surprising you.

It was only four in the evening, but it could have just as easily pass off for eight at night: for outside, grey clouds raged personal battles with each other, the wind howled like a fierce pack of predators, and lightning flashed brilliantly across the great dark canvas of a stormy sky.

The rain slowed to a mere drizzle a good two hours later; having had enough of waiting, I decided to finally make a move and leave the office for the day. I passed by the front desk and threw a casual glance at the many letters and few parcels forlornly sitting there, patiently waiting for their intended recipients.

Then something caught my eye. That familiar logo on the sides of that parcel!

Yep, done. Again.

I hesitated. Could it really be? Anyone in this office could be a regular customer of that online retailer, too. For all I know, someone could have bought a purple dinosaur with two left feet and the third edition to the book How to Plant a Silkworm and Knit Your Girlfriend’s Cardigan in Just Three Days, and have them delivered to the office.

Expectations, expectations. With trembling hands, I reached out to check the parcel, and let out a quiet squeal.

Six CDs, one band.

Unbelievable! Only one week after it was shipped, and my purchases – all six CDs – are already here. Safely. Intact. And without any unfortunate “souvenir” from our local Customs, unlike my previous experience.


A happy online customer and an overjoyed music fan.

Besides achieving a couple of firsts, this well qualifies as the Most Awesome Thing of the Year.

Nothing in 2010 is going to top this.

(I am so, so thrilled! But I do not know if I can ever stop writing about this band for now.)

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