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Thriving in simplicity.

Thriving in simplicity.

“One ticket for Collateral. Student price, please.” I said to the man behind the counter.
Enam ringgit,” came the nonchalant reply. Six bucks?
“Student price bukan lima ringgit ke?” After all, student price rates are usually at RM5. Did he hear me wrong?
Filem ni 18SG lah. Bukan untuk student.” He actually turned around and jabbed his fingers on the movie poster. Poor Tom.

Of course, I was wondering if all students stop being students at 18. I was really tempted to say that there are college and university students that are over the age of 18 – such as yours truly – that well ‘qualify’ for the movie rating but decided against it. Sigh. I forked out another one ringgit.

Well, I had been stopped for my identification card (to make sure that I was well over eighteen years of age) before I could enter to watch Matrix Revolutions but anyway.

Enam ringgit saje mah. Dulu mana ada student price…” He was beginning to tell of times past, so I replied quickly with an “okay, okay,” and walked away with the movie ticket.

That is what happens when you do not go to the movies often; you inadvertently get accused of being a cheapskate.

The movie was good; but I was a bit disappointed with how it ended, though.

I had been reading the Chronicles of Narnia – more in preparation for the movie; such is the norm these days – and, well… it was not as addictive as I thought it would be. I think it has to do with being all grown up now, and expecting more.

In defence of the book – yes, it would no doubt make a good children’s book. It was utterly simple, straight to the point, and entertaining. But it did not get me going on, like how I absorb and play the amazingly choreographed fight scenes between Drizzt and Artemis Entreri in my mind; or how I eagerly leaf through the book and dying to know if Fitz would survive another day with Nighteyes, to the extent that I would forego lunch and forget about my favourite TV show.

It was not the book that is the problem; I think the problem lies in me.

I longed for prancing drows, evil sorceresses, heartless assassins, double scimitars, and tales of the dark. Not kids picking up heavy swords for the first time, killing the wicked witch and subsequently made heroes of the land, just like that. Not that I am very picky (Not enough conflict! What about character development? No one ever dies!) but apparently, I am not easily pleased, anymore.

It probably also means that it will be fairly difficult for me to find joy in reading children’s books, but I do not really like the sound of it when the statement is put that way. I know there has got to be a kid in me still, somewhere…

I think, however, that Aslan would make a good, cuddly toy lion. Could there be any for sale?

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