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Quiet domino.

Bloody hell...

Good lord, it is finally over and done with – and just in time too. Work is beginning to pile in already.

I think I started out quite well, actually. I managed a considerable amount of words during the first week due to the holidays. I would toss and turn in bed at night, trying to formulate and lay out the proper foundations to the story, pondering different conclusions and possible character additions.

Then it became a rollercoaster ride – sometimes I get to write more, other times, not at all.

Eventually I got fueled up enough during the final week to write more, probably because I thought I was getting closer to the target.

No, it was not easy. Not unless you have it all well-thought out. I did not, and so I often faced dead ends, not knowing where to turn to next.

Do not ask me just yet, if I will join Nanowrimo again next year. I think I need to, er, recover. And no, no more writing about fantasy the next time… I will gladly just stick to reading fantasy, thank you.

Some random observations while in the course of furiously churning out words, trying to surpass the 50,000-word requirement:

  • basically tried to structure my routine around Nanowrimo. As in, I was constantly plagued with thoughts concerning the darned novel, everything else had to wait.
  • alarmed my parents quite a bit. They did not know what I was doing in front of the computer for so many late nights.
  • a few more keys on my keyboard that gets stuck regularly, aside from the ‘Delete’ and right ‘Shift’ keys: mainly the ’+’ (too much word count, maybe).
  • best music to listen to while writing: Elbow, Franz Ferdinand, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco.
  • ... I am such a sadist. I lost count of the number of times I flung poor Evan across the room. Bleed, bleed for me.

Oh, and Mr. Tweedy, thank you for keeping me company.

On air now: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Wilco

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Into the other looking glass.

Contemplation. Frustration. Indecision.

Then, I made the move.

For all things Nanowrimo (for now, anyway) – updates, excerpts, so-called progress, choices of mental institutions – head on over to Rhymeglass at http://rhymeglass.insatiably.net.

I know, I know. But I could not find any proper words beginning with the letter ‘r’ that can be effectively added as a prefix to ‘glass’. Another option was ‘rain’, but I think ‘rhyme’ will be able to convey the, er, meaningful existence of the subdomain a little bit more. Ahem.

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National Novel Writing Month 2005. And yes, I joined.This is not supposed to happen. Having endured eight full days of extreme boredom at the new workplace has swayed my stand on this.

Unfortunately, I am convinced that the days of boredom will not extend to November. That is why I have been taking such a long time to come to a decision.

And now, it looks like I am willing to give it a try, after all.

So, yes. This year’s Nanowrimo will be my maiden attempt at writing what will be equivalent to a 175-page novel.

I have yet to work out the logistics, though. Should I publish the novel online? Must I create a separate website specifically for it? Would it be wise to create a working timetable that I can refer to? Do I need to keep a few sachets of Nescafe within reach? How can I be assured that I can achieve the 50,000-word target? What if I have to be hauled to a mental institution after all this is over?

We shall see.

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It happened the last time, too. This time, the urge is simply too great. I have yet to succumb to it, though.

Must. Stop. Thinking. About. Joining. Nanowrimo.

I certainly cannot write well enough to whip out a decent 50,000-word novel, and to put finishing touches to it within that one crucial month.

If I do join, I know I will disappoint myself somehow. I reckon I will have no beginning and no ending to the story. Just bits and pieces from my sudden bouts of inspirations, so disjointed that should they be somehow miraculously put together, they would sound like… uhm…

Nah, they will be too incoherent to be made into one whole story.

So tell me: how can I stop my mind from regularly conjuring those intriguing storylines, shady characters, mountain-high castles, gun-toting assassins, and of grand, scaly dragons that breathe not fire but of…

I lost the plot.

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