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Instant self-gratification.

Well, at least I can now make silly one liners and still get away with it.

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Gone fishing.

Yes, yes. Something for the new year. Still tweaking a bit here and there, so bear with me.

This process has became very much more troublesome since I moved from Blogger to Textpattern. Too many functions to remember, but with it comes a lot of flexibility as well.

Well. I made a new layout. Added new plugins.

Yet to update the ‘About’ page though.

I moved the sidebar to the bottom – I am not in favour of the boxy 3×3 sections way down there. It also makes for plenty of unnecessary scrolling just to get to the bottom of the page – perhaps I will only make one article show up on the front page. Hmm.

Two prominent plugins I have implemented here are:

  • Rob Sable’s Livearchives – a more interactive way of looking through the archives;
  • Rob Sable’s Livesearch – a handy tool for those who actually utilise the search function (although I doubt there is any need for it, really).

I have half a mind to include more plugins, but we shall see how it goes.

As usual, if you notice anything out of the usual (or obviously very, very wrong), just drop me a note.

Edit: More or less done. Will see how this one-entry-per-page thing will work out.

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Upgraded to 4.0.2.

Sigh. I hate upgrades. I either end up messing up, or not knowing what to do with the significant add-ons and changes, which are suppose to be beneficial to Textpattern users.

See, I have hardly explored the system fully; neither am I well-versed in PHP. I am not a code reader, at all – well, with the exception for HTML, I suppose. But everyone knows HTML these days. So.

What I do not like, is the extra space that is now included in the comments section – between the message and the person’s handle in the comments section. Oh, you will know what I mean when you drop a new comment.

I know it is because of the <p></p> enveloping the comments, which was not present in the previous version. I find that additional space very unsightly and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I can only make the person’s handle aligned to the right for now; I think that softens the glaring presence of the extra space somewhat.


Still, this place needs a major overhaul. Again. I shall get around to doing it soon. I miss those times when I could afford to change new layouts at least monthly. Now I cannot. :-(

Do not even get me started on how to restart Rayglass. Now Nanowrimo is over and Rhymeglass will start to rot. I was reminded of skies.insatiably.net, though….

Oh, well. Report any bugs, broken links, thingamajigs, here.

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A new look. Did not realise that it will be such a hassle to produce new layouts now that I have began using Textpattern, rather than relying on good ol’ HTML and Blogger.

Regular transmission to follow, soon.

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Textpattern made a leap from 1.0 to 4.0.

Things are still running fine here, so there. No visible changes here, but only at the back-end.

It works, it works.


The comments section is messed up – email addresses now show up, and are required (!!). All this comes with a totally unnecessary additional horizontal scrolling.

Bear with me while I try to fix those problems.

(Edited: 15:45—Should be fixed, now. Sort of. Sigh…)

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