Rantglass - because that's how things are.
  1. If you have to be hauled to a mental institution when it’s over, I’ll come visit. I promise.
    Ali | 28/10/05 02:24 AM

  2. hey you decided to join too! ;) all the best… haha. see you at the finish line!
    nerdook | 28/10/05 08:04 AM

  3. seriously though, what’s wrong with a 40,000 word novel?
    soporific | 28/10/05 06:32 PM

  4. Ali – Yeah. Just don’t blame me when I come lunging at you with a knife…

    Nerdook – All the best to you too. :P

    Soporific – Nothing wrong, but it’s certainly something not everyone does on a regular basis. Not everyone writes for a living. ;)
    Strizzt | 28/10/05 08:05 PM

  5. Eh, publish it i lah. I wanna read it. :p
    Shom | 28/10/05 09:04 PM

  6. Eh, I think soporific’s sarcasm here went unnoticed? Anyway, good luck
    Mint | 29/10/05 03:15 AM

  7. i have full believe in you being able to finish em. and if it’s published, i would like to purchase a copy please…
    ecstacy | 29/10/05 02:13 PM

  8. Shom – Maybe I’ll put it up on the net for a limited period of time…

    Mint – Heh. I think it has happened quite a number of times, and he has graciously let it slide… I’m not quite a bright bulb, you know. ;)

    Ecstacy – Nah, I don’t harbour dreams of getting it published into a book, really.
    Strizzt | 29/10/05 03:56 PM

  9. I will be wearing my kevlar full body armor during my visit then. :)
    Ali | 30/10/05 03:20 AM

  10. Ali – Wah, that well-prepared eh? But you’ll spoil the fun. :P
    Strizzt | 30/10/05 02:10 PM

  11. if my grace was suffificent for you, then let my blessings also be.
    as for Mint, it seems nothing ever gets past you.
    soporific | 30/10/05 03:33 PM