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  1. Go for it! Even the FAQ notes that a set of connected short stories could be considered a novel.

    This gives me the opportunity to recommend one of my favorite books, which fits into that category:
    If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller by Italo Calvino.
    Tim Frost | 15/10/05 09:39 AM

  2. Tim – Ah, but I’m not ready for the disappointment and embarassment that will follow, should I really get a move on joining Nanowrimo.

    Thanks, I shall also keep an eye on Calvino’s book. :) I have too many books still unread… next up will be Da Vinci Code (slow, yes, I know).
    Strizzt | 15/10/05 06:31 PM

  3. tim, do you know how many words 50000 is?
    that’s more words than the entire startwo… whoa.. and u know, maybe even ADS INCLUDED! PHENOMENAL!
    soporific | 16/10/05 10:21 PM

  4. If, you can actually stop reading Da Vinci Code once you have started, I’d be amazed. That is one page turner.
    Ali | 16/10/05 11:18 PM

  5. Soporific – Tim can’t get StarTwo in England. :P In any case… yes, 50,000 words will be quite taxing, given my current schedule.

    Ali – I did stop after Chapter 1. :D It was too late; I had to go to bed then…
    Strizzt | 17/10/05 08:03 PM

  6. hm an open story-writing event? sounds cool! 50,000 words seems like an awful lot to write though… :P
    nerdook | 18/10/05 08:19 AM

  7. Nerdook – It IS a lot! That’s it, I think I’ll join next year or something…
    Strizzt | 19/10/05 09:00 PM