Rantglass - because that's how things are.
  1. cool! nice new layout. :) i especially like the more prominent logo… hehe.
    nerdook | 03/09/05 09:05 PM

  2. I like the colors. Easy on the eyes.
    Ali | 03/09/05 09:09 PM

  3. Nerdook – Thanks. :) Not enough space to fit in the logo, and had to resort to putting it in the bird’s ‘eye’.

    Yes, the logo is a bird! Of some sort. Uhm.

    Ali – Thanks. :D Was initially afraid that the colour might appear a bit too, uh, girly…
    Strizzt | 04/09/05 12:19 PM

  4. just like to note, nothing wrong with being girly :D

    but it looks cool. i cant seem to pull of pastel of late..i dont know why im more pulled towards dark background.

    and im not even depressed
    pb | 04/09/05 09:14 PM

  5. pb – Heh. The colour is nearly becoming pink, and it is a colour that I try to avoid. :P Oh, I like working on dark backgrounds; they’re much easier to work on than lighter colours (unless it’s plain white).
    Strizzt | 04/09/05 10:16 PM

  6. Oooh so clean and sparkly and glossy..*_*
    I like the subtle details in the tiles. :D
    Tiffany | 08/09/05 10:16 AM

  7. Tiffany – Heh. Thanks. The tiles are one of the many patterns available in Photoshop, though. :P
    Strizzt | 08/09/05 11:00 PM