Rantglass - because that's how things are.
  1. Testing the comments.
    Strizzt | 31/07/05 03:35 PM

  2. hey nice shiny new comments page. couldn’t resist the urge to post a comment.. :P glad to see the rantglass is STILL constantly evolving. keep up the great work! (but uh, why can’t i submit this comment directly? )
    nerdook | 31/07/05 04:09 PM

  3. Nerdook - I tried to modify the script by adding the 'Submit' button, but it wouldn't work. :( So now I'll just have to make do with the default script: that is, everyone will have to go through Preview first.
    Strizzt | 31/07/05 06:18 PM

  4. ah.. oh and by the way, the email field seems to be compulsory too, and if i choose to leave it blank i lose the comment. dont frown though, im sure you’ll get it sorted out. ;) looking forward to your next post!
    nerdook | 31/07/05 06:49 PM

  5. nice stuff you have here – u code the app urself?
    spoonfork | 31/07/05 11:04 PM

  6. give my email? never! liberals unite!
    soporific | 31/07/05 11:56 PM

  7. oh by the way, how about modifying the script where u dont add the submit button but u remove the preview section.. as in, find a way to take the bit from the next page and preempt the one here.
    soporific | 31/07/05 11:57 PM

  8. I like your new comment page. It looks as neat as a new pin! :D
    Jane | 01/08/05 12:15 AM

  9. The font reads fine to me :) I hope you’ve had a good weekend!
    Nikki-ann | 01/08/05 02:49 AM

  10. Nerdook – Okay, will try to get that sorted out within the next few weeks. :D

    Spoonfork – Heh heh, I wish! Then I will be able to modify the codes as I like.. but nah. I’m using Textpattern.

    Soporific – Tried that earlier due to Nerdook’s request, but it didn’t work. :( It just doesn’t show when one is actually PREVIEWing the comments (some might think they have already submitted it the first time).

    Jane – Eh. Thanks. :D

    Nikki-ann – Good to know it’s readable. :)
    Strizzt | 01/08/05 09:19 AM

  11. mmmmmmmm very nice :)
    tim | 01/08/05 12:19 PM

  12. actually, what i meant was different from what nerdook meant. i think.
    nerdook suggested adding the submit button. i suggesting truncating the preview section here.
    unless you actually like the previewing which i find a bit silly since u can always just bloody double check your entry.
    soporific | 01/08/05 03:07 PM

  13. Ooh…new layout. Me like. Me like. And this new comments page definitely looks better than the last one. :)

    I wish I had the time, or more likely the patience, to fiddle around with my layout. I always tell myself to do it during the holidays but it never gets done..heh.

    And yep, the font looks okay from here.
    poptart | 01/08/05 06:15 PM

  14. Tim – Thanks. :D

    Soporific – Both requests are somewhat similar, actually. I have tried to include the Submit button (so that you can have the option of submitting comments directly without having to preview them) – and it didn’t work.

    Poptart – Ah, well, we’re all procrastinators, aren’t we? :)
    Strizzt | 01/08/05 09:37 PM

  15. Ah … new comment box. Somehow, the old, smaller one spelled STRIZZT more. And this one is descending too. Hmm … must get used to this.
    Ali | 01/08/05 11:54 PM

  16. Hey, congrats for the successful migration. Hope to learn it from you someday. Btw, I prefer the old font as this one’s too squat.

    Another bug … if someone forgets to enter email, and is forced the go back, the comments are gone and they have to retype
    Shom | 02/08/05 09:03 AM

  17. The fon’t s okay, just that the site is soooo…..white.
    Choon | 02/08/05 02:30 PM

  18. Looks great. Have been seriously thinking of getting my own domain and migrating my blog there but it seems too much of a hassle.
    Adam | 02/08/05 03:35 PM

  19. Ali – Heh heh, that’s probably because we’ve all gotten too used to the previous one. :D

    Shom – Yeah, I prefer the previous font type too (Verdana). Trebuchet MS is nice, but maybe not so for the size I’m using now.

    Choon – White is clean! :D

    Adam – Do do that. :) It sure is a hassle yeah, but only during the installation. It’ll be smooth from then on.
    Strizzt | 02/08/05 09:17 PM

  20. Okay - Email address not required, now.

    I might retain the 'Preview' function so spam comments won't get through.

    And I got tired of squinting to read using that font type. Back to Verdana it is.
    Strizzt | 02/08/05 09:52 PM

  21. nice.. :) though personally i have no problems with the previous font, this does look more readable. viva la evolution~~ :P
    nerdook | 02/08/05 10:41 PM

  22. All my precious comments…nooooooo…!
    joon | 02/08/05 11:20 PM

  23. chuckles at joon
    Ali | 03/08/05 01:00 AM

  24. Eh? Sorry about double posting but why is it bold?
    Ali | 03/08/05 01:01 AM

  25. actually, strictly speaking, as an engineer, our requests(suggestions) were not the same.

    hope to see the comments for the previous entries imported soon though.
    soporific | 03/08/05 04:52 AM

  26. Hey, there’s a RSS feed now…yay!
    joon | 03/08/05 09:56 AM

  27. Nerdook – Yep, this font type is indeed more readable!

    Ali – I don’t know either. Some of my entries with asterisks (that’s what you put, right?) became bolded, too. Gah.

    Soporific – Yeah, manually imported. That’s hard work, you know. :P

    Joon – Aiyah. I don’t update much these days anyway…
    Strizzt | 03/08/05 09:40 PM